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Fun and exciting messages

Finding just the right words to write on a pregnancy card can feel like trying to choose the perfect name for a baby—exciting yet a bit tricky!

Whether you're rooting for a friend who's about to embark on the wonderful world of parenthood, a colleague who's swapping coffee breaks for nappy changes, or someone special experiencing the magic of pregnancy, there's an art to crafting that perfect message.

Think of this guide as your friendly neighbourhood stork, here to deliver tips and tricks, sprinkled with a touch of humour and loads of heart, on what to write to make their day even brighter.

Pregnancy or maternity cards

At first glance, pregnancy cards and maternity cards might seem like twins, but they actually have their own unique sparkle!

Think of a pregnancy card as the cheerful hi-five you give someone when you find out they're expecting. It's all about that exciting You're going to be a parent! moment.

On the flip side, maternity cards are like a warm hug for the soon-to-be moms, celebrating the amazing job they're doing carrying a tiny human around.

Whilst pregnancy cards focus on the big announcement and shared excitement, maternity cards highlight the mum-to-be, cheering her on through the final stretch and reminding her of how awesome she is.

So, whether you're sending a high-five or a hug, your words on these cards add a touch more joy to their incredible journey!

Generic messages for pregnancy cards

Crafting the perfect message for a pregnancy card can be like trying to pick the best flavour of ice cream—tricky because they're all so good!

But don't worry, whether you're aiming for sweet, funny, or somewhere in between, there's always a scoop of words that fits just right. Standard messages are your go-to, like the classic vanilla, ensuring you're part of the celebration without needing to know the baby's name or the exact number of nappies they'll change.

Here are some fun examples to get your creativity flowing:

  • Here's to the upcoming adventure of a lifetime—now with extra cuddles!
  • Guess who’s going to be the best parents? You two, no contest!
  • Pack your patience, you're going to be the coolest parents in town!
  • Congratulations on your pregnancy
  • A little birdie told me you're expecting—hope it's not a stork with directions to your house!
  • Babies are bits of stardust, blown from the hand of God. Lucky you, catching a star!

These messages are a fantastic way to say Yay, you're going to be amazing parents! without overthinking it.

Messages by recipient

Pregnancy cards are like chameleons, they change their colours depending on who you’re sending them to—friends, colleagues, family, or that special pregnant teacher who made maths fun!

Imagine you’re throwing darts at a board of life's milestones, and whether it lands on a Bestie's Baby Bash or a Colleague's Cradle Countdown, there’s a perfect card for that.

For your partner-in-crime (a.k.a. your mate), it's all about spilling the beans with excitement.

A colleague? It's time to swap stories from tea breaks to baby breaks.

Sending love to family? That’s when cards get extra heartwarming, holding promises of future cuddles and chaos.

And for teachers, it’s about thanking them for nurturing minds, with hopes they’re just as amazing at nurturing their little one.

Just think of it as wrapping your words in different kinds of wrapping paper, each uniquely suited for the person opening it.

Pregnant women

When it comes to cheering on a pregnant woman, the aim is to light up her day like a well-organised baby shower—fun, light-hearted, and filled with joy.

Remember, she's carrying a tiny human (a mini superhero, maybe?), so our words should make her feel as special as a midnight snack run feels necessary. Here's the thing, our messages should be like the perfect playlist for a road trip—uplifting, comforting, and sometimes making you laugh so hard, you almost forget about the morning sickness.

  • Wishing you all the joy and soft pillows the world can offer!
  • Holy Guacamole, you're going to avo baby!
  • Here's to mastering the art of multitasking with a bun in the oven!
  • May your little one be as cool and amazing as you are—World, get ready!
  • Congratulations - Baby loading!
  • Cheers to the magical journey of adding a little more love to your family!
  • Buckle up for the cutest roller coaster ride of your life—next stop, Parenthood!

Whether she's a friend, family member, or that cool neighbour, these messages are like sending a virtual hug, reminding her she's about to rock the world of motherhood!


When crafting a pregnancy card for a friend, think of it like decorating a cake with the sweetest, funniest toppings you can find.

This is your moment to sprinkle laughter and smiles, reminding your friend that yes, they might turn into a midnight snack ninja or a diaper-changing master, but they’re going to be awesome at it.

Here, take these scoops of cheeky joy and spread them on your card:

  • Congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy and the mountain of diapers waiting to be conquered!
  • Here's to your new alarm clock, smaller, louder, and cuter than you've ever imagined!
  • May your baby inherit your heart, soul, and, for when they're a teenager, your patience!
  • Get ready for the world's tiniest dictator—you're going to make the best subjects!
  • Stock up on coffee, the nights will be long but filled with the sweetest snuggles.

It’s all about celebrating this huge, joy-packed life update with a wink and a nudge, letting them know you can’t wait to meet their new boss (aka the baby).

Colleagues and co-workers

Sending a pregnancy card to a colleague is like pressing the pause button on all the work chatter to celebrate a moment that's truly life-changing. It’s time to swap those project deadlines for some nappy duty deadlines!

This card is your chance to mix the perfect cocktail of humour and warmth, serving up smiles to brighten the soon-to-be parent’s day at the office.

Here’s a cheeky list to get you started:

  • Congratulations on the tiny new boss you're about to meet. May your coffee be strong and your patience stronger!
  • Congrats, you're preggers!
  • Here's hoping your new baby inherits your incredible spreadsheet skills!
  • Welcome to your hardest and most rewarding project yet. Spoiler alert: It's totally worth it!
  • May your baby's first word be something other than 'deadline'. Congratulations!
  • Looking forward to meeting your new 'team member'. Hopefully, they don't require too many all-nighters!

Keep it fun, keep it light, and most importantly, make it a memorable part of their workday - a little oasis of joy in the sea of emails and meetings.

Pregnant teachers

Sending a pregnancy card to a teacher is like giving them an A+ for stepping into the wild and wonderful world of parenting. It's your chance to remind them that just like they've helped countless students grow, they're about to help a tiny human do the same.

But this time, the lessons are all about giggles, cuddles, and maybe a bit of diaper changing.

Here are some playful messages to celebrate the soon-to-be coolest parent-teacher around:

  • Prepare to teach the ABCs of love, laughter, and late-night lullabies!
  • Here's to the newest member of your class, hands down the cutest yet!
  • May your baby inherit your wisdom and, hopefully, your students' love for nap time!
  • Remember, there's no grading on diaper changing technique. You've got this!
  • Cheers to adding 'parenting' to your curriculum. You're going to be a natural!

Think of it as homework they'll actually love!

Messages by type of pregnancy

Whether you're celebrating the anticipation of someone's first baby, marvelling at the double delight of twins, or cheering on the triple treat of triplets, each type of pregnancy brings its own unique blend of excitement and adventure!

For the first-time parent, think of it as the first step on a thrilling rollercoaster ride—giddy anticipation, a bit of nervousness, and endless surprises around every bend. Twins, on the other hand, are like getting a bonus level in your favourite video game—twice the giggles, twice the grins, and of course, twice the love.

And triplets? Well, that's the jackpot—an all-access pass to a world filled with more cuddles, more laughter, and three times the love. No matter the number, each baby brings a special spark of joy that lights up the world in incredible ways.

1st Baby

Celebrating the news of a first baby is like opening the first page of a magical book where every chapter is filled with wonder, love, and a little bit of unpredictability. It’s a time bubbling with excitement, dreams, and a dash of the beautiful unknown.

Think of your card as a cheerful high-five to the amazing adventure they’re about to begin, a gesture that says, You're going to be incredible at this!.

Here are some light-hearted, chuckle-worthy messages to sprinkle into your card:

  • Here's to less sleep, more love, and a wealth of wonderful memories. Congratulations on your first superhero in training!
  • New baby? Time for bigger knickers!
  • Get ready for the world’s cutest wakeup calls! Congratulations on your new adventure.
  • Cheers to the new chapter in your life where you'll learn the art of one-handed snacking. You’ve got this!
  • Congrats on your upgrade to parent! Don’t worry, it’s the most rewarding job you’ll never be paid for.
  • Wishing you a bundle of joy, laughter, and endless baby giggles. Welcome to the parenting club!

Just remember, while the nights might get longer, the smiles and love will grow even stronger.


Discovering you're expecting twins is a bit like being told you've got front-row tickets to the most exciting, adorable show on Earth—times two!

It's double the trouble, double the fun, and absolutely twice the love. When you're crafting a card for the lucky parents-to-be, it’s your chance to show them that life’s about to be a whirlwind of double diaper changes, double the feedings, but most importantly, double the cuddles and laughter.

Give them a giggle and a burst of encouragement with these playful notes:

  • Congrats on your instant family! Just remember, it's all about teamwork—especially during synchronised crying sessions.
  • Double the babies means double the love, fun, and reasons to buy more coffee. You're going to nail this!
  • Looks like you've hit the baby jackpot—twice as many smiles, twice as many hugs!
  • Get ready for double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble, if you're blessed with twins!
  • You’re about to find out that two is definitely better than one. Congratulations on your pair of miracles!

Think of your message as the biggest high-five celebrating their new dynamic duo.


Finding out you're expecting triplets is like discovering you’re the winner of the ultimate love lottery—three times over! It's a thrilling, heartwarming, and yes, slightly daunting adventure that's about to unfold.

Picture it as getting your own lively little squad, ready to take on the world with laughter, cuddles, and an unbreakable bond.

Here’s a playful wink and a nod to the superhero status of expecting parents of triplets, with messages that aim straight for the heart through belly laughs:

  • Buckle up for the most exciting triple feature of your life—starring YOU as the heroes!
  • Three times the giggles, three times the grins, and three times the love—congratulations on hitting the jackpot!
  • Congrats! You’re about to discover the true meaning of ‘full house.’
  • Looks like you’ve got yourself a perfect little trilogy. May your adventures be filled with joy and laughter!
  • Get ready for a world with triple the blessings, triple the fun, and yes, triple the diapers!

Crafting a card for this tremendous trio should be all about celebrating the joy and marvel that comes in threes.

Signing Off Your Card

Signing off a pregnancy congratulations card is like adding the perfect cherry on top of an already delicious ice cream sundae.

It's your final chance to leave a warm, sweet note that wraps up all your good wishes beautifully. When you're about to put down your pen, choose words that feel like a gentle hug, signalling your excitement and support for the incredible journey that lies ahead for the parents-to-be.

Here are some simple, heartfelt ways to end your message:

  • With all my love and best wishes,
  • Here's to endless happiness and health,
  • Can't wait to meet the little one(s),
  • With hugs and warm wishes,
  • Always here for you and your growing family,


Writing a pregnancy congratulations card is much more than just penning down words; it’s about crafting a heartfelt message that shares in the joy, excitement, and monumental shift that parenthood promises.

Whether it's for the first baby, twins, or triplets, each card is an opportunity to express love, support, and the shared happiness for the adventure that lies ahead. The messages should be light-hearted, encouraging, and filled with warmth, making the recipients smile and feel supported.

Remember, the essence of your message is to celebrate this unique moment, acknowledging both the joys and challenges of parenthood.

With each word, you're not just marking a milestone but also weaving yourself into the tapestry of their story, offering laughter, love, and encouragement for the incredible chapter they are about to unfold.

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