Personalised Adult Anniversary Cards

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Personalised Adult Anniversary Cards

Many anniversary cards are filled with sentimental verses about eternal love.
But if that’s not your thing, we’ve got you. Our adult humour anniversary cards let you mark the day in a light-hearted way!

Personalised Adult Anniversary Cards

Our adult wedding anniversary cards include designs from the popular autocorrect range.

Add a message to our Dog Bollards Card or personalise our Not Sick Of Shirt Card with your beloved’s name. Want something more insulting? Then choose our Personalised You're an Ass Card. It also has room for any extra insult you want to add!

Our You're My Dickhead Card is a little more endearing.
With space for a name and message, it says:

“You may be a dickhead, but you’re my dickhead.”

But our cards don’t all feature backhanded compliments. If your partner has a favourite drink, our lovely art print bottle cards are ideal.

The Blue Gin Card and Blood Orange Vodka Card are our favourites.

Go for Something Saucy with a Rude Anniversary Card

Rude anniversary cards can be insulting, racy or downright smutty. If you show your love with mockery, look no further. Our Not a Cactus Expert Card could be just the thing: “I know a prick when I see one.” We’ve also got cards for mocking your partner’s snoring, wobbly bits and drinking habits!

Looking for adult anniversary cards to make your other half giggle (or feel amorous)? Check out the Roses are Red collection for sexy invitations! Make your partner’s heart beast faster with the cheeky Personalised Roses are Red Card (Wine 69). With the right card, they may not even notice you forgot a gift!

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We also stock a wide range of engagement cards and wedding cards for couples who haven’t made it up the aisle yet! No pun intended.

Personalised Adult Anniversary Cards

Personalised Adult Anniversary Cards